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Boat Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping:

If you were planning on transporting your boat or just storing it, shrink wrapping is a way to insure that it is protected. We use 8 mil material and we can also include a door for easy access in and out of your boat once it's wrapped.

Q: Why shrink wrap my boat?

A: There are several reasons to shrink wrap a boat. From the factory, it's done to protect the boats' new interior components from road fallout, vandalism, bird droppings and things that occur while in transit. This also insures that all of the final installation components are not going to get lost or stolen in transit too. Once the boat is in the hands of the owner, winter layup is when many owners wrap up their boats for the winter months. since the boat isn't going to be used, it's easier and cheaper to seal the boat from the harsh winter elements. Some of the other reasons for shrink wrapping is to protect the vessel from vermin which may want to take up residence during the winter months, theft and vandalism are also minimized.

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